revolution brake is happy to announce disc brake up grades for all
    six generations of America's Sports Car……..

    If you are a first Gen Corvette owner you probably already know your
    front suspension is the same as the 1949 – 1954 Chevrolet Bel Air. The
    stock front brakes are great for NCRS show cars and Survivors, but when
    you have a C1 Vette you want to modify or go retro with, you are
    definitely going to want to upgrade to a performance oriented disc brake
    system.  We offer four corner bolt on upgrades for C1 stock front
    suspension and rear live axle.  Our base kits consist of 11.75” rotors with
    Wilwood forged Superlite calipers on the front and Wilwood Forged
    Dynalite calipers on the rear.  The rear kits utilize our exclusive Mr.
    Parker mechanical parking brake so these brakes are full featured and
    street safe……….
    For those of you going retro rod or pro Touring, we also offer these kits
    in rotor sizes up to 14”.
    C2 Early

    For the 1963 1964 Corvette owner we offer front upgrades utilizing the
    original drum hub, and no rear offering at this time.  Although any of the
    kits we offer for the C2 late and C3 Corvettes can be adapted to your
    earlier Stingray including our rear upgrades if you have converted your
    rear trailing arm with the later drum style parking brake assembly.
    C2 Late and C3

    The Corvettes most often chosen for resto mod and pro touring are the
    65 through 67 Stingrays, and the 68 through 82 Sharks; and we have
    them covered.  To begin with, we have base systems designed for use
    with the OEM 11.75” rotors. These kits are available as caliper upgrades
    only, or they can be had with either 1 or 2 piece slotted, cross drilled &
    slotted or plain rotors.  You will be able to replace your over weight,
    leaking, air sucking stock calipers with light weight race proven
    components from Wilwood.  Many Vette owners are seeking brake
    improvements that accommodate the original equipment rims and in
    most cases these kits are the way to go.  All of our C2/C3 front kit
    upgrades include tandem reservoir master cylinder and adjustable
    proportioning valve.

    For the Pro Touring or spirited sports driving enthusiast we have kits
    available in 13” or 14” 2-piece rotors sizes with Wilwood Forged Superlite
    calipers, the large rotor rear kits also accommodate the OEM e-brake
    C4 Gen I ’84 – ’87

    As the C4 Vettes come down in price the desirability goes up as an
    entry level Corvette for the younger enthusiast who wants performance
    and braking at affordable prices.  Revolution Brake has both Gen I (’
    84 – ’87 C4) and Gen II (‘88 – ’96 C4) brake upgrades, beginning
    with 13” 1 or 2 piece rotors and Wilwood FSL four or six piston calipers
    all the way up to the top of the line 14” 2 piece rotors with huge Wilwood
    GN III six piston calipers available for the front and Wilwood FSL calipers
    available for the rear.  All of our C4 rear kits utilize our exclusive Mr.
    Parker e-brake system to comply with most state parking brake
    requirements.  The Mr. Parker e-brake caliper is an independent
    parking brake caliper used in conjunction with the Wilwood FSL rear
    calipers on these kits and in most cases requires an aftermarket cable

    C5 – C6

    We don’t stop short of the latest and greatest Vettes of all time,
    Revolution Brake offers big brake upgrades for both the C5 and C6  
    Beginning with our 6 piston Wilwood Superlite caliper only front up
    grade;  this kit allows you the affordability of utilizing your own rotors
    with the performance of proven Wilwood calipers allowing you the
    flexibility of upgrading to lighter more efficient 2 piece rotors in the
    future.  Additionally we offer front brake kit upgrades utilizing the same
    quality Wilwood caliper with 2 piece 13” or 14” front rotors.  At the rear
    of the C5 - C6 we offer our 12.81” 2 piece up grade which comes with
    Wilwood 4 piston Superlite calipers and iron hats which are designed to
    accommodate the OEM parking brake assembly.
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