At Revolution Brake, a "Custom Kit" means exactly that. Each kit is
    individually designed and manufactured to fit the customer's vehicle.
    Although many of the same components and combinations of components
    may be used in many kits, ultimately, each kit is unique.

    The variables that are present in any "one-of" product make it difficult to
    create a simple pricelist. Below please find three basic kit groups based on the
    rotor size selected. (The rotor-size decision will necessarily be restricted by
    the size and design of your wheels.) (see Use of Wheel Fitment Templates )

    The pricing is generally calculated by selecting a base kit and adding
    whatever additional components the design requires and the customer wants.
    Due to the vast array of possible combinations, the prices in the chart below
    do not include calipers or pads. Please consult with one of our qualified
    technical sales representatives for a precise quote.

    Use the chart below to get a general idea of what you can expect to pay for a
    kit with the components you choose. (NOTE: some combinations may not be
    appropriate or functional with your vehicle!!) Please bear in mind that several
    factors can affect the price in either direction. This chart is for estimating
    purposes only!
13" rotor (or smaller) kits
14" rotor kits
15" or 16" rotor kits

    Caliper Options:

    There are many caliper options available. From the tough  Wilwood Dynalite
    all the way up to the gargantuan six piston Wilwood TC6 truck caliper. You
    can find the current prices for all of the Wilwood Calipers in the Store section
    of this site. The typical caliper price ranges from $120.00 to $800.00

    Brake Pad Options:

    When choosing brake pads and pad compounds, many factors come into
    play. Driving conditions, (race track, street, etc.) Driving style, dust and noise
    level preferences etc. Add between $40.00 and $220.00 per set for
    brake pads.
If hubs are required. For two hubs add
If using Radial Caliper (additional for 2 brackets)
Rear Kits with Mr. Parker add for the pair
Rear Kits with OEM drum parking brake add
Wilwood Thermlock pistons add per each
Powdercoat Calipers (most solid colors) price per each


    Sometimes there will be an additional charge when a customer's vehicle is so
    rare, unusual or "vintage" that sourcing the required original equipment parts
    and specifications is prohibitively expensive. (Typically we charge only our
    cost to the customer.)

    In the case that the customer is willing (and able) to supply us with the
    necessary parts and specifications (for the rare, unusual and "vintage"
    vehicles) the extra charge will be unnecessary.


    We do not use Wilwood Dynalite calipers for vehicles over 3000 pounds.

    Wilwood Radial mount calipers require radial mount brackets. (additional

    Using the Wilwood TC6 caliper on FRONT truck kits under 15" (rotor)
    diameter is not recommended.
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