Revolution Brake Production Kits

We call these big brake upgrades our “Revolution Brake Production Kits.” With over
1000 different brake upgrade applications to choose from, our customers have shown more
interest in these 70 or so economical packages than any other. This is by far our most
popular upgrade. Where can you find this kind of performance, quality and simplicity of
installation for under a grand?
Right here!
Our engineers have designed this kit to be
the ultimate brake
bang for the buck. We
have literally hundreds and hundreds of
different applications, mostly with 2 piece
rotors and other expensive parts that do a
great job for the guy that has to have the
ultimate brake kit.

If you are a highly competitive driver looking
to shave those last few tenths off your lap
time, or drive a super custom street ride and
need the absolute best, we have you
covered. But these brake kits do exactly the
same job, look awesome and are
Okay, so these aren’t the lightest racing rotors you can find and they don’t have cool
aluminum hats, but you’d never know from the driver’s seat unless you’re that guy trying to
shave off that last tenth. And if it’s looks that concern you, you can’t see that expensive hat
behind the wheel anyway…
The calipers are no-nonsense Wilwood 4
piston forged Superlites,
super high
performance street compound pads, CNC
machined steel adapters that are designed
for 10x standard loads, grade 8 and 10.9
hardware throughout and top quality
braided hoses.

This is the same caliber of brake package you would find on an E55 AMG or M5!
The big guys all use one piece rotors and they work really well. You’ll love what these brakes
do for your ride.
ROTORS, 324mm diameter, 30mm thick
(12.76" x .1.18") curved vane directional,
cross drilled. The curved vanes are designed
to pump air through the rotors as they
rotate for superior cooling in high
performance driving conditions. The huge
thermal mass and cooling efficiency of these
rotors virtually eliminates brake fade.

The standard rotors in this category are
cross drilled. You may order slotted only
rotors or cross drilled and slotted rotors for a
small fee.
If you are using this kit in competition, we recommend you use slotted only or plain rotors.
Plain rotors can be ordered at no additional charge.
CALIPERS, Wilwood forged Superlite
four piston fixed mount. These calipers are
extremely rugged and light to help reduce
unsprung weight. The forging process
allows for a very strong rigid design
without the use of excess material, they
are super light (4.5 lbs compared to stock
iron calipers which typically range from 9
to 12 lbs each).
Find out more about
Forged Billet Superlite Calipers here.
These calipers are equally comfortable on
the street, strip or the circuit. You know
you’re in good hands with race proven
PADS, Wilwood BP10 'Smart Pads' low
noise, low dust compound designed for high
performance street use. For more
information on this compound look here. This
is the best street compound on the market.
If you are a competition driver, please keep in
mind that not only does Wilwood make 8
different pad compounds for the Superlite to
fit your every driving need, but at least 10
other friction companies provide their own
assortment of compounds. It would be
difficult to completely exhaust your pad
options for this caliper.
MOUNTING HARDWARE: Adapters are heavy duty steel, powder coated for corrosion
resistance and appearance. All hardware is grade 8, 10.9 or better including flat washers.
Adapters are designed to be light weight while ensuring safety with our x10 design
philosophy. In ten years of brake system design and manufacture for all kinds of applications,
we have never had a single adapter failure. One unfortunate racer reported after a high
speed tangle with the wall
“all that was left of my right front corner was the caliper

FLEX HOSES: Stainless steel braided Teflon hoses are an integral part of the package. This is
an affordable upgrade, but we refuse to cut corners where it counts. These are the same
high quality flex lines you will find in our expensive two piece packages used with standard
fittings specific to the vehicle chassis concerned. Separate hose mounting hardware is
included. Good hoses are a great final touch in the drive to eliminate system flex and keep
your pedal firm.

This kit is designed for a perfect fit on the front of your vehicle. We guarantee an easy install,
flawless workmanship, a perfect fit and excellent performance. Tech support is available via
( as necessary.
NOTE: 17" rims are usually required to clear these rotors. Please down load the cross
sectional template to make sure the wheels you have in mind will fit prior to ordering.

Wheel fitment? The only way to know for sure is to USE THE TEMPLATE...
Template Page:

The only way to know if any wheel is going
to fit is to take the wheel off the car and put
the brake template in the wheel.

  1. Its a .pdf which you print full size,
    make sure you select "No Scaling" in
    the print dialog box.
  2. Then after it prints measure the
    vertical and horizontal reference to
    make sure its the right size. This is
    not a trivial exercise! If you print the
    template the wrong size it will give
    erroneous information. You could end
    up buying a brake kit that will not fit
    the wheels you intend to use.
  3. Please be careful to accurately
    measure the reference dimensions on
    the printed template to make sure
    they are as indicated.

Keep in mind that we are looking for about
2 mm of clearance at the wheel spoke,
that’s about the thickness of 2 CDs.

If you experience interference between
the template and the wheel spoke, it’s
important to figure out just how badly the
caliper and wheel collide.
It is possible to print multiple copies of the template and when cutting them out, leave more
material in the area of the hub to act as a spacer.

Adjusting the thickness of the extra material on the template will allow fine tuning of the
spacer thickness to yield the required clearance at the caliper. Be sure to make any “spacer”
you add to the template of uniform thickness, that is, always add any additional material
parallel to the original cut line on the template.

If you experience a small amount of interference, frequently it is possible to gain the required
clearance by adding what we call a “wheel shim”. We can supply these in 3 mm thick and
typically do not require the use of longer studs.
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