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    revolution brake is proud to offer over 800 specialty brake systems
    to cover your needs. If you cannot find exactly what you need here,
    please keep in mind our custom brake system building process.
  • Wilwood calipers and pads
  • Race proven rotors, both one and two piece
  • CNC machined billet aluminum rotor hats
  • CNC machined steel adapters
  • Stainless steel braided Teflon flex hoses
  • Grade 8 (10.9 metric) hardware throughout.

    These product combinations are the result of computer aided design and
    solid modeling by our in-house engineering staff. Parts production is
    achieved through outsourced professional manufacturing and in-house
    2nd operation machining. The systems you find in this section have all
    been through prototyping, testing, development and proving and are in
    use on either street or race-driven vehicles. No surprises.
    Please keep in mind however that we cannot guarantee anything will fit
    into your particular wheels. There are so many wheel makes and models
    available that almost anything is possible, we supply full size cross-
    sectional templates of our systems so you can prove the fit in your
    wheel before you buy. We want you to be confident before you invest
    and avoid the headache of returns.

    These applications are in many cases very specialized and somewhat
    obscure in the market and have not achieved the sales figures that
    would justify holding in inventory. As a result, our Specialty kits are
    built to order.
    Times will vary dependent upon complexity of the system and backlog
    of orders. We typically ask customers to count on us shipping within six
    weeks. If circumstances beyond our control, such as production back-
    ups or vendor inventory issues force us to extend the production period,
    we promise to stay in touch with you and keep you informed as things
    In an effort to reduce delivery times, reduce cost to us and therefore
    you, the customer, we have employed a system of “just-in-time-
    manufacture.” We have partnered with a variety of vendors who each
    specialize in one or more of the areas of production of our products.
    These vendors ship individual products to our customers to fulfill their
    order. This may sound complicated at first, but the complications are
    minor and usually limited to the possible inconvenience of receiving
    three or four packages instead of just one from us. We try to plan every
    shipment to land on your doorstep on the same day. Well, we don’t
    pretend that this always works perfectly, but most orders are received
    complete with all packages arriving inside a few days.
    Within a few days of placing the order, we will contact you via email
    with an expected schedule and with the names of the vendors from
    whom you can expect to receive parts. We remain 100% responsible
    and dedicated to making sure you receive your order intact on time and
    hassle free. We think you’ll agree that the trade-off is well worth the
    unusual circumstances of multiple packages; we have managed to cut
    delivery times in half and saved about 25% in cost. As of April 2007 our
    retail prices reflect these savings.
    Now if you have to have special services from us to make your system
    just the way you want it, we can help. We can powder coat calipers
    (single stage solid colors only), zinc wash the rotors, provide special
    rotor surface treatments, install high temp Thermlock pistons etc. etc.
    Unfortunately, these kinds of things do create a delay, increase our need
    for extra handling and raise the price back up to the old standard. If you
    would like to stray from our standard methods, please expect to add
    25% to the cost of the system, plus the individual cost of the items you
    would like to add. On the up-side, you can have exactly what you want,
    we ship everything to you when we are complete and it all arrives on the
    same day.
    We apologize in advance for the inconvenience of not being able to find
    a fitment template on the site in every case. We are working constantly
    to update the information and hope to be complete soon. Please call us
    if you can’t find the template you need, one of our friendly staff will be
    happy to email it to you.
    If you don’t see the product you need here, we may have it but have not
    yet managed to get it onto the site. If we don’t have it, we may know of
    an interchange or be able to offer other options. Don’t hesitate to call or
    email for help.
Telephone: 541-201-8596

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