How to Use Your
Wheel Fitment Template (It's Easy!)
    The template that you have is a
    cross section of your new brake kit.  
    By trying to fit the cross section of
    the kit into your rim, we can get a
    very good idea if the kit is going to
    fit or not.

    Insert the template into your
    rim as shown in the picture to
    the left.
    Make certain that the flat surfaces
    above and below the “Wheel
    Register Protrusion” press
    completely against the rim.  Look
    to see that the side of the caliper
    does not come into contact with
    the spokes or face of your wheel,
    as shown in the picture to the
    If the side of the caliper does not hit
    the face of the wheel (as shown
    above) you need to rotate the
    template around to make certain that
    even the areas with the least amount
    of clearance will not collide with the
    caliper.  Notice that the same rim
    that clears the caliper in above will
    hit the caliper when the template is
    rotated (shown to the left).
    Finished Already? Please report your findings to your technical
    sales representative who will take you to the next step.

    If everything fits, you can send in your signed Template
    Confirmation Form and we will get your show on the road!
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